NORTHxSOUTH positioning
Your partner for all of your tracking needs.

Whether you are trying to track down a loved one that may have wandered off, following the transportation of your assets, or searching for lost or stolen vehicles, our GPS-enabled devices are reliable and ready whenever you need them.



Only NxSP provides devices suited for each of the following

Real-time tracking

First-to-market, unique devices

Focused on improving user health and safety

Fully customizable reporting and scheduled emailing

Superior customer service and transparency

Competitive rates

The technology that keeps our products connected with our users.

Our software is easy to configure, user-friendly, and is compatible with most smartphones, tablets, and personal computers. Through customized location updates, keeping tabs on any person or vehicle using our original software is simple.  Just log in, track, and see where your GPS tracker is located – it’s that simple.


For our fleet customers, we provide the category leading NxSP OBD Logger (utilizing GSM and GPRS technology)
and NxSP Integrated PTO (utilizing GPS technology) products.

NxSP OBD Logger

NxSP Integrated PTO

For our personal and long-term care customers, we offer innovative products like the NxSP Companion, NxSP Guardian and NxSP Liberty. These products have helped to make North by South the number one choice for caretakers of special needs individuals. 

NxSP Companion

NxSP Liberty